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Sphinx/Adopter environment setup

This page is for developers of tools based on Sphinx. It aims at providing a guide to setup Sphinx for this purpose, and in particular to define the needed target platforms.

Defining a target platform

The recommended way to configure the environment where an Eclipse modeling tool or application will run consists in defining a target platform.

  1. Create a new target platform definition file;
  2. Open it in the appropriate editor;
  3. Click on Add... button to add Sphinx;
  4. Select Software Site and click Next >;
  5. Provide the location of the Sphinx update site (cf. download), select the required features and click Finish.

Setting the target platform

  1. Open the target definition file with the target editor;
  2. Wait for the completion of the Resolving Target Definition operation. This may take a while, in particular at the first time, because all directly and indirectly required target platform plug-ins and features are being downloaded or updated as necessary during that operation. If errors occur, try to close and reopen the target definition file so as to re-trigger the target platform resolution;
  3. Click on link Set as Target Platform (in the upper right corner of the target editor).

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