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Sirius/Automated Tests

Sirius comes with a huge set of legacy tests (JUnit and SWTBot) that need to passe the eclipse IP and License clean. Besides, the move to Eclipse gives the opportunity to think back automated tests.

Note: the rules defined below are not yet finalized and implemented. See the discussions at Feedback welcome.

General Rules

  • Automated Tests will be physically stored in a dedicated folder called "tests"
  • A test can be:
    • a unit test
    • an integration test
    • a UI test
  • Each plugins can have its releated test plugin ${plugin-name}.tests
    • All unit tests follow the package of the class under and are stored in /unit
    • All integration tests are stored in /integ
  • Each UI plugins can have an additional UI test plugin ${plugin-name}.tests.swtbot



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