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This bridge allows sensinact to receive Inertial Measurements from a Android device.

Sensinact version

This bridge is available since the git hash 6aa9ed74441c37b914b89099156e3e921e98749f in the SensiNact Eclipse repository


  • android-imu bridge activated (via sensinact -c)
  • location is only provided when the sensinact is running on HTTPS

How to use it

Point the Chrome (from your device) to the URL You will have to inform an alias for your user and then hit the "connect" button. Once this is done, your alias will become a provider into sensinact, providing you location (if available and the user authorized) and a state, this state can be changed using the interface available in the browser. The purpose of the state is to give a state that can be controlled by the user in order to better control the execution of a certain use-cases.


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