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Eclipse Scout Tutorials

Get started with a simple 'Hello World'
New to Eclipse Scout? Get started by creating a simple hello world application.
Create a Scout application
This is a step-by-step tutorial to learn about the main principles of Scout.
In the course of this tutorial you will develop a simple client-server application with some pages and forms.
Deploy a Scout application
Learn how to deploy a Scout application to Tomcat application server.
Permissions: Authentication and Authorization
This tutorial builds upon the application created in the tutorial above. It explains how to work with permissions. Build a user administration outline, work with permissions and security filters.
Table Field
This tutorial builds upon the application created in the tutorial above. It shows how to add a table to a form.
Webservices with JAX-WS
Learn how to integrate JAX-WS into your Scout application by creating a webservice consumer and provider.
SVG Field
Learn how to use SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) to display interactive diagrams and graphics that work on desktop as well as on web environment.
Rayo Look and Feel for Swing
Learn how to install and use the modern 'Rayo' Swing Look and Feel.
Add JDBC Drivers for Eclipse Scout
In this tutorial you learn how to install other JDBC drivers than the Derby driver that ships with Scout.
Modular Applications
Learn how to modularize your application.
F2 Updater
Learn how to update your application with F2.
Build and Test a Scout Application with Maven Tycho/Surefire
Learn how to build Scout Applications with Maven Tycho and test with Tycho Surefire and JUnit.
Integrate JasperReports into a Scout Application
Learn how to integrate JasperReports into a Scout application.
Integrate IMAP into your Scout application
Learn how to integrate IMAP into your Scout application to access your mailbox.
Integrate Jython into a Scout Application
Learn how to manage external Java libraries (JAR files) using Jython as example.
Deploy your Scout Application to the Cloud
Learn how create a simple Scout application running in the Cloud
Integrate EclipseLink with Scout
Learn how use EclipseLink to load data in Scout

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