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This pages list Scout 3.8 Screencast / Tutorials

Eclipse Scout 3.8 Videos

Eclipse Scout 3.8 - Getting Started video series

Video 1: Create a new Scout Project (duration 1.34 )

  • creation of a new scout project

Video 2: Start a Scout application (duration 1.33 )

  • launch Scout server, then start clients: Swing, SWT, RAP (web)

Video 3: Create a new Form (duration 1.54 )

  • creates a brand new form, with internationalization

Video 4: Add Form Fields (duration 1.53 )

  • add button and text field to newly created form

Video 5: Create the Server Code (duration 2.04 )

  • add business methods for server save and load of form data

Video 6: Link the Hello World Form to the Desktop (duration 3.14 )

  • add a button on desktop form that launches our custom form

Video 7: Deploy your Application to a Tomcat Webserver (duration 4.15 )

  • export application to a tomcat server, then launch deployed application
  • download a SWT client from deployed app, that accesses data on tomcat server

Eclipse Conferences videos

Eclipse Day Florence 2012: Zimmermann-Hoegger, Multifrontend Business (21.25)

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