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Eclipse Scout becomes a Java Web Framework

With Release 6.0 the frontend part of the Scout framework becomes a powerful Java web framework.

A new HTML5 Renderer

Scout comes with a completley new HTML5 rendering component.

Scout neon html5 ui.png

The new HTML5 renderer fully support todays web standards HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript.

  • Full styling/theming with CSS3/Less
  • Add project specific custom widgets

The HTML5 renderer is highly optimized for Scout

  • Minimize download size for initial download
  • Avoid unnecessary server rountrips

Frontend development in Java

The goals of the Scout framework remain unchanged:

  • Boost developer productivity
  • Long term strategy (enterprise apps often live > 10 years)

As in previous releases the Scout developer implements against the Scout model classes. Developing frontends and UI logic in Java remains independent of the new HTML5 renderer technology.

Plain Java/Maven Projects

Scout applications are now plain Java/Maven projects.

Scout neon maven.png

The move to plain Java with the Neon release brings the following benefits:

  • "Maven by the books": Simplified build setups for Scout projects
  • Simpler integration of widely used Java libraries and frameworks


The Scout documentation has been moved to AsciiDoctor. The documentation is currently hosted on GitHub and the output of the documentation build is available on

Upgrade of existing Projects

Great care has been taken to reduce the API breakage of the Scout Neon release to a minimum. As a result, only moderate efforts are required to upgrade an existing Scout project to the new Scout release.

The migration process has been verified with several productive Scout applications in the last months. This migration guide helps projects to migrate to Scout 6.0. This document is not static in nature but will be updated according to new feedback from the community and projects that migrate to the new Scout release.

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