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Eclipse Scout is a new Eclipse project officially released under the EPL for the first time with the Indigo release train. This page shows what you need to know about this release.

New Features


  • Column Filter

New column filter feature. Scout Tables now have a column filter feature that allows simple content based filtering. Right click on a column header cell and choose menu "Column Filter .."

  • Memory Policy

Introduction of a memory policy for Scout clients. Based on the memory policy defined a scout client may uses different caching mechanisms for the construction and handling of outlines.

  • Dynamic Log-Level Setting

Log-Levels can be defined/changed at runtime for Scout applications.


  • Scout Object Properties show Tool Tips
  • Automatic Form Data Creation
  • Context Menu "Export to WAR" on Server Node of Scout Explorer (see deploy tutorial)


The following list shows all bugs which have been fixed for this release. The list also contains all new enhancements.

Migration Guidelines

Some features and bugfixes sometimes require a change of the api. If this has been the case for the new release then you'll find behind the link below a guideline how to migrate your scout application to the newest release.

Migration Guidelines for 3.7

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