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Pages are elements allowing the user to browse through the content of the application.

  • implements: I obj.pngIPage
  • extends: C obj.pngAbstractPage

Note: Typically when you want to create a Page, choose the type of page you want (Table Page or Node Page) and extend one of these pages.


A page allows the user to browse to a specific point of an application. Pages have a hierarchical organisation: Each page can contains other pages. On the top of the hierarchy is an Outline that create the first root pages.

In outline based applications, pages are represented as node of a tree on the left. It is possible to drill down the page to access the child pages (unless the page is configured as leaf). On the right the content of the page is displayed. Instead of the page content, it is possible to display a detail form in this area.

It is possible to reference them with a Bookmark.

There are two types of pages, depending on the type of content you want to represent, you will probably consider one of the two types:

HG Page.png

Table Page


A table page is suitable if you want to represent many elements as rows of a Table (displayed on the right). The table is loaded on event LoadTableData. It is possible to create a child for each row with the event CreateChildPage.

Node Page


A node page is suitable to represent a single element. The content is a list of child pages created on event CreateChildPages. The child pages are represented on the left in the tree representation of the page hierarchy. The Table on the right contains also the list of child pages.


Defined with getConfiguredXxxxxx() methods.

Add a description of the more important properties (ore the properties specific to this element)


Defined with execXxxxxx() methods.

  • InitPage
  • DisposePage
  • DataChanged
  • PageDataLoaded

With PageActivated and PageDeactivated you are notified when the page is selected and de-selected in the outline tree. This can be usefull to handle the lifecycle of a detail form.

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