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Planning page for SWT work for Oxygen (4.7)

This page discusses target fixes and improvements to SWT for the upcoming Oxygen release. A list of open and resolved bugs for 4.7 can be found via this query.


  • [FIXED] Update SWT to use Java 8 bug 481195
  • [FIXED] Evaluate and provide (if possible) Java 8 lambda enabled API for listeners - bug 441116 and others
  • [FIXED] SWT_ AWT bridge support for Java 9 - bug 482318
  • [DEFERRED] Support for CTabfolder vertical tabs - bug 58945
  • [DEFERRED] SWT support for Chromium based on external contributions - bug 405031


  • [PARTLY DELIVERED in 4.7 - REST DEFERRED to bug 516837] Provide better support for Mac OS X 10.11 - bug 494879
  • [FIXED] Provide support for Mac OS X 10.12 (macOS Sierra) - bug 516704
  • [DEFERRED] HiDPI Support of GC APIs on Mac - bug 489451



  • [FIXED] Provide/Leverage native HiDPI support for IE Browser's Image to scale - bug 493666
  • [FIXED] Provide custom support for Button to respect foreground and background color on Windows to improve Dark Theme experience - bug 23837
  • [FIXED] Improve HiDPI support w.r.t. to Printer usage, with an API option to skip auto-scaling for devices like Printer - bug 498876
  • [FIXED] Eclipse must support the U.S. 508 Refresh for accessibility - bug 445551

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