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SDK Known Issues


I downloaded and extracted the ZIP file - how do I install Eclipse?

You don't need to install Eclipse. In the extracted folder, simply double-click the eclipse.exe executable file.

Windows issues

I am prompted for a password when extracting the ZIP file

This is a known issue with the Windows extraction utility. Try using a third-party extraction tool:

You can also extract Eclipse using the jar utility that comes with the Java development kit (JDK):

 jar xf

Extracting the ZIP file fails

This could be caused by the the Windows built-in extraction utility (as with the password problem above). Try using a third-party extraction tool as described above.

If still get errors such as the "The filename is too long" or similar wording, it is most likely because you are trying to extract Eclipse into a root directory that has a lengthy path. The Eclipse packages have some deeply nested paths in them, and when combined with a long root installation path, the resulting final path for some files can exceed limits set by Windows' file system. To avoid this problem, try extracting the ZIP file to a shorter root location, such as c:\Eclipse.

Bug 166597 has a lengthy discussion about this issue.

Linux issues

Eclipse using GCJ

Most Linux distributions ship with the GNU Compiler for Java (GCJ). Although Eclipse is known to run on GCJ, it is not a reference platform for Eclipse, and therefore it is not tested. It is recommended that a Oracle, IBM, or OpenJDK JVM be used instead. See also the Eclipse platform 4.2 reference platforms list.

See also Eclipse.ini for instructions on how to specify a particular JVM (because on many Linux systems gcj is picked up as the default JVM even when Sun's is installed).

General UI problems such as buttons not being clickable or the update system not showing anything in its tree

Are you using running on GTK+ 2.17.x/2.18.x? Try declaring the GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS environment variable and see how that goes.

$ export GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true
$ ./eclipse

The latest version of GTK+ has altered the way it creates and handles windows on the X windowing system. This has introduced some problems due to the way SWT was managing the Z order of windows. See bug 291257 and bug 290395 for more information. If your menu items don't have any icons, see bug 293720.

Crashes and other Major Issues

Please see the IRC FAQ for some known suggested solutions to the problems described below.

  • Eclipse is constantly crashing for me on Sun's Java 6 VM...
  • Eclipse gets past the splash screen but then an empty window appears / Eclipse is crashing on me whenever I initiate a browser component such as hovering over Java methods for javadoc tooltips...
  • The JEE build for Eclipse does not run for me but the Eclipse Classic build starts up just fine...
  • Why does Eclipse hang for an extended period of time after opening an editor in Linux/gtk+?
  • Eclipse is crashing for me when performing Subversion operations on Windows. I am using Subclipse.
  • I'm having memory, heap, or permgen problems, what can I do?
  • Eclipse is constantly crashing for me on Linux and I have a lot of plug-ins installed.

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