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Research at Eclipse

Research @ Eclipse

Since 2013, the Eclipse Foundation is involved in European Research Projects. Our 3 main actions on these projects are:

  • Sustainability: We help the research projects in setting up their project in a way it will survive the 3 years of the duration of the funded project. It consists mainly of going through the Eclipse Development Process.
  • Community Building: For this first reason, we help the projects in identifying their first key committers and in starting building a community around their project.
  • Dissemination: Because of our position and our participation in more than 50 events per year, we use our communication channels to spread the word and disseminate the project assets
  • OSS Best Practices: Even if these projects already made the first step to open source their code, we realize that we need to help them going through the full adoption process: from sharing the code to building a business model from it.

Current projects

Year Research Project Eclipse Project Status Domain
2014 Amalthea4Public Eclipse APP4MC Done Embedded + Modelling
2016 AGILE Eclipse AGAIL Midterm IoT + Gateway
2016 AMASS Eclipse OpenCert Midterm Safety + Modelling
2016 BASYS Eclipse ?? Started Industry 4.0 + Modelling
2017 CROSSMINER Eclipse ?? Eclipse Proposal Knowledge Mining
2017 APPSTACLE Eclipse ?? Eclipse Proposal IoT + Smart Mobility
2017 RobMoSys Eclipse ?? Started Robotics + Modelling
2017 GEMOC Eclipse GEMOC Studio Research Consortium Modelling Languages


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