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Problems with the Components Page


Current Problems

Lack of adherence to definition of component as a service description (analogous to a Java interface)

Some tables comprise N>1 component --this should no longer be allowed

  • PROGRESSING: most tables have been split up as of 12/2008

Projects (rows) within a component should be marked as either being (a) alternate implementations of the component contract for different runtime environments/languages, etc. or (b) separate constituent projects that taken together implement the component contract

  • DONE: for all current tables on the page

Some tables/sections use the same component name for different services (e.g. HBX4FF is a different service than Firefox Embedded HBX)

  • DONE

Broken links to download pages (need to suppress display of the link)

Lack of consistency in names of wiki pages at "component" level vs. "project" level

  • DONE

Lack of adherence to one row = one project (e.g. tcpserver)

  • WORK-AROUND: we allow a "(shared)" indicator to indicate that one project supports multiple Components
  • NEED TO: Break some projects into separate projects (e.g. tcpserver)

Broken links in "Owner" column (Tie Li, Paula, Andy)

Lack of LED build indicators

Many missing "First check=in" values (SVN tags)

Implemented Fixes

  • Create (precise) definitions of "Component" and "Project" terms. Add definitions to Components page
    • DONE
  • For projects/rows: where possible, enforce name of project (all lowercase) = [org.eclipse.higgins.[name]] = name of wiki page
    • DONE
  • Comb through the Components page tables and
    • create new table macro to enforce latest rules (allow downloads link suppression, enforce wiki page name == project name)
    • edit the tables to conform to the latest rules
    • break up tables in some cases
    • DONE: all the above
  • Change structure of the table to allow multiple language (e.g. C++ and Java) implementations of the Component service.
    • DONE
  • Disallow nesting/combination of components in a single table
    • DONE

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