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Post freeze changes 3.2

Despite the best intentions, there are always a small number of API changes that are required after the official API freeze. This page documents the API changes that were made during Eclipse 3.2 Callisto development after the 3.2 M5 API freeze.

Breaking Changes

Component Description Bug Approved Released
Equinox/Bundles Remove product preference customization interface 132666 Check.gif Check.gif
JDT/APT Provisional API in JDT APT packages should be internal 129696 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/Search Remove new search API 130162 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/Text Give access to the current annotation hover (added method on ISourceViewerExtension3) 132318 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UA Move org.eclipse.ui.cheatsheets package to internal provisional package (four interfaces, two classes) 131793 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UA New API attribute to the lucene search participants extension point 135107 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI [Field Assist] - KeyEvents and content proposal requests 127108 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI [WorkbenchWindow] Remove deprecated trim API 132731 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI Need consistent save lifecycle when multiple parts share the same model 112225 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI Replace global control animator with control animator factory 134328 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI Contributed trim needs to know which workbench window it's in 135650 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI Remove obsolete navigator save lifecycle API 138824 Check.gif Check.gif

Non-Breaking Changes

Component Description Bug Approved Released
Expressions Static helper methods for equals and hash code, computeHashCode method 114363 Check.gif Check.gif
Expressions Load property testers on demand 130338 Check.gif Check.gif
Equinox/Bundles org.eclipse.core.runtime.BundleFinder - deleted class. Plugin org.eclipse.equinox.common 128137 Check.gif Check.gif
Equinox/Bundles Change signature of methods RegistryStrategy#onStart(Object) to onStart(IExtensionRegistry) and onStop(Object) to onStop(IExtensionRegistry) 129196 Check.gif Check.gif
JDT/Core Added constants CannotReadSource and InvalidEncoding to IProblem 130980 Check.gif Check.gif
JDT/Core Added constant org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.IProblem#UnsafeGenericArrayForVarargs 128418 Check.gif Check.gif
JDT/Core Added constant org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.IProblem#IllegalAccessFromTypeVariable 128423 Check.gif Check.gif
JDT/Core Added constant org.eclipse.jdt.core.JavaCore#ENABLE_JAVADOC_ATTACHMENTS 137975 Check.gif Check.gif
JDT/UI org.eclipse.jdt.ui.jarpackager.JarPackageData - New methods isDeprecationAware(), setDeprecationAware(boolean), RefactoringHistoryWizard constructor 128771 Check.gif Check.gif
JDT/UI Add new event type ADDED to RefactoringHistoryEvent 130718 Check.gif Check.gif
JDT/UI API additions for Replace Invocations 131768 Check.gif Check.gif
JDT/UI New API in test case wizard for JUnit 4.0 137732, 102632 Check.gif Check.gif
JDT/UI Content assit API to provide repeated invocation trigger 135884 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/Debug Move org.eclipse.debug.internal.core.sourcelookup.containers.ContainerSourceContainer to API package 124799 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/Resources API for a file system to map from a local file to an IFileStore 132346 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/SWT Need API to add notifications on system tray 58009 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/SWT org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Tree - new method setSelection(TreeItem) 128970 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/SWT Support DateTime type in org.eclipse.swt.ole.win32.Variant class 97404 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/SWT Added constant SWT.BACKGROUND Fail.gif Fail.gif Check.gif
Platform/SWT Add getHeaderHeight() method to ExpandItem 131159 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/Team Support for model element decoration 131440 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/Text org.eclipse.core.filebuffers.IFileBufferStatusCodes and org.eclipse.ui.editors.EditorsUI - new constant int CHARSET_MAPPING_FAILED 116841 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/Text Add EditorsPlugin.getSharedTextColors 132836 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/Text Remove quickAssistProcessor extension point 133339 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/Text Make public constants for private edit menu groups 135061 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/Text Add ability to fetch additional info of proposals in background thread 136648 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/Text Make revision selection provider available in ChangeRulerColumn and LineNumberChangeRulerColumn 135229 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/Text Added method LineChangeHover.getInformationPresenterControlCreator 133355 Fail.gif Check.gif
Platform/UA (intro) Add 'previewImage' attribute to intro theme element 128721 Fail.gif Fail.gif
Platform/UA org.eclipse.ui.intro.config.IntroConfigurer - added methods getMixinStyle(String, String), init(IIntroSite, Map), getThemeProperty(String), constant TB_ADDITIONS, fields IIntroSite site, Map themeProperties Fail.gif Fail.gif Check.gif
Platform/UA org.eclipse.ui.intro.config.ExtensionFactory - Class moved to org.eclipse.ui.intro.universal package in org.eclipse.ui.intro.universal plugin Fail.gif Fail.gif Check.gif
Platform/UA API to restart the cheat sheet 84457 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI Support enablement element in org.eclipse.ui.propertyPages extension point 106839 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI org.eclipse.ui.navigator plug-in - Refactor ActivationService to remove singleton pattern 125647 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI org.eclipse.ui.navigator plug-in - CommonViewer should use TreePathViewerSorter 125647 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI org.eclipse.ui.navigator plug-in - Complete definition of DND API 126658 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI [JFace] - API - access to images and colors for standard field decorations 129246 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI [Viewers] IDecorationContext.getContextIds() comment says it should be removed before M5 129377 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI Request for API for message animation 129829 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI Progress view should be made more prominent 129184 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI [Common Navigator] Request to support programmatic binding of drag adapter 129061 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI [Undo/Redo] Context not removed from TriggeredOperations 128117 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI [CommonNavigator] actionProvider extension should support overrides 131927 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI API to obtain project location URI from wizard page 130638 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI Need access to the element comparer of a tree selection 133375 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI New ImageAndMessageArea class for popup messages in wizards 131771 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI Allow extensions to participate in the save lifecycle 112215 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI CommonNavigator: expose methods on INavigatorPipelineService 133920 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI Add methods to StructuredViewer to support ViewerComparator 133920 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI Need API to lock all trim 135648 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI Define a command for "close others" action 90517 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI Preference constant to prompt when saveable is still open 136489 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI Common Navigator: Provide access to INavigatorContentExtension by id 130979 Check.gif Check.gif
Platform/UI Common Navigator: Add group id and associatedExtensionId to commonWizard 137079 Check.gif Check.gif

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