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Platform UI/Testing

Platform UI Test Plan for a Eclipse

The Eclipse platform UI team constantly test the latest and greatest build. On a regular basis we also test more intensive and also ask committers to stop developing features during that test period. The goal of a test pass is to achieve full coverage of the SDK to get a good overall picture on the state of the build.

Verify bugs

All critical bugs relevant for a build should be verified but also the overall Eclipse IDE should be tested. You can search in Bugzilla for the "Resolved" "Fixed" bugs of a particular Milestone, and verify those bugs. If you verified a bug, please put the bug into "Verified" "Fixed" state and add the build ID of the Eclipse installation you used for testing to the bug report.

The following is an example query for the Eclipse 4.6 M7 milestone. Please adjust it according to your needs, changing the release and the milestone at the very end of the query.

4.6 M7 - "Resolved" "Fixed"


Their should also be a general functionality test of the Eclipse IDE/ See the component area testing page for the list of items to test.

Operating systems and regular testers

If you want to help testing on a regular basis, please add your name and operating system to this list.

Windows 10

  • Patrik Suzzi

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