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Platform UI/ResourceNavigator

ResourceNavigator End of Life

With the advent of the Common Navigator Framework (CNF) in release 3.2 it is now time to start the end of life process for the ResourceNavigator (RN).

With the 3.5 release CNF has nearly all of the capabilities of the RN, with the following exceptions (please add to the list if I missed anything):

  • [CommonNavigator] add the same sorting in Project Explorer that was in Navigator - 208801

Here is the plan for end of life for the RN:

  • Notify everyone of the RN end of life (3.5M6 - done)
  • Deprecate the RN APIs and things like IPageLayout.ID_RES_NAV (3.5M6 - done)
  • Make sure no SDK perspectives include the RN in their default layout (3.5M6 - done)
  • Implement remaining RN functionality above (3.5M7 or 3.6 early)
  • Remove references to the RN from the ISV guide and user documentation (3.5M7)
  • Go through all outstanding RN defects and enhancement requests and either close them or move them to CNF as required (3.5M7)
  • Move the RN API and views into separate plugin (from org.eclipse.ui.ide) (3.6M1)
  • Replace all Platform UI tests that use the RN by the CNF (3.5M7 or 3.6M1)
  • Remove this new plugin from the platform feature (perhaps in 3.6, or else in 4.0). org.eclipse.ui.ide version would need to bump to 4.0 at this point.

As with everything else this is a work in progress, and I welcome feedback and comments that you can send to Francis Upton, Platform UI Committer.

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