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Notice: this Wiki will be going read only early in 2024 and edits will no longer be possible. Please see: for the plan.

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Platform UI/Housekeeping



  • fixing bugs
  • Newsgroups
  • IRC
  • watch releng mailing list for failing tests
  • Updating wiki/web pages
  • Blogging

Person responsible for triage

  • triage

Person responsible for build submissions

  • responding to test failures


Team lead

  • Eclipse Planning Meetin
  • status email
  • meeting notes

UI best practices

  • UI best practices call

Person responsible for build submissions

  • do build submission (I build and optionally M build)
  • send build submission email (normally to platform-ui-dev, if in milestone week or release lock down mode)
  • watch releng mailing list for test results
  • asking for rebuilds

Every Milestone

Team lead

  • Are there any open bugs targeting the current milestone?
  • update send out test plan


  • new and noteworthy
  • test pass
    • verify fixed bugs and mark as verified
    • manual test pass
    • check performance test results
    • accessibility testing of new features
    • BiDi testing of new features

Person responsible for build submissions

  • mailing list communication at milestone time
  • responding to test failures (and entering bugs)
  • calling go/no go
  • asking for rebuilds

Person responsible for triage

  • Extra care on doing triage every day, with a focus on acting on/forwarding any regressions or major/critial bugs.

Before API Freeze

  • check the since tags (should be taken care of by API tooling)
  • api compatability check (should be taken care of by API tooling)

logging ipzillas

  • Check the bundles' required execution environments (BREEs)

Before Releases

  • copyright pass
  • plugin version numbers
  • migration guide: did we list all incompatibilities
  • documentation pass
  • IP log


  • conferences

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