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Platform UI/Git Migration

See Platform UI/Git for the current state of our repos.

This is the plan for migrating Platform UI and the graduated Eclipse 4 bundles (modeled workbench and CSS support) to the eclipse.platform.ui.git repo.


Date Step
07/06/2011 midnight EDT Freeze contributions to CVS for both Platform UI and e4
07/06/2011 Begin cvs2git migration. Publish converted Git repos. Begin verification.
07/07/2011 Continued verification of git repos. Update map files for builds: 3.7.1, 3.8, 4.2 (4.1.1)

Migration Plan

We've set up some wikis to capture what Platform-Releng is doing overall:

What we have to start with in CVS

  1. Platform UI, almost entirely in /cvsroot/eclipse UI projects to convert
  2. org.eclipse.ui.forms and org.eclipse.ui.browser and their test projects, which are currently worked on under Platform/UA but are included in the eclipse.platform.ui ACL
  3. bug 349150 - Convert Graduated bundles to git Eclipse 4 UI projects that graduated
  4. bug 349150 - Convert Graduated bundles to git Eclipse 4 Runtime projects that graduated
  5. bug 349177 - stitch ui.workbench fork back into main Compatibility workbench fork
  6. bug 349151 - Move e4 UI bundles to git E4 UI projects and experiments
  7. bug 328756 - e4 tooling should move to git This includes all projects in /cvsroot/eclipse e4/

Where everything is going

The details are in the branch scripts, but we end up with 4 repositories for the above. See [#Development in Juno] for details of what branch you should be working on in Juno.

Development in Juno

See Platform UI/Git#Development in Juno

Development in 3.7.1

All work on plugins for 3.7.1 should be done in the R3_7_maintenance branch off of tag R3_7. It has already been created.

Migration Script

The actual migration steps we'll be following can be found in the e4 migration repo.

It was based on Platform-releng/Juno_Git_Migration_Recipe and enhanced for some of our stickier problems

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