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Planning page for Platform work for 4.10

This page discusses target fixes and improvements to the Eclipse Platform for the 2018-12 release. The new and noteworthy of all Eclipse top-level projects can be found under Eclipse 4.10 New and Noteworthy.


Review patches from the community


Drop support for 32-bit

Drop 32 bit support in 4.10 bug 536766 [DONE]

Platform UI

Support deletion of menus

  • RCP: Unable to fully delete ("remove") Menus bug 498320 [DEFERRED]



Improve HiDPI Support

  • Image#getImageData(zoom) implementation does not auto-scale correctly on win32 and gtk bug 538425 [DONE]


Support macOS 10.14 (Mojave)

Support macOS 10.14 (Mojave) bug 538976 [PARTIALLY DELIVERED, remaining work DEFERRED to 4.11]


Improve Accessibility support

  • Replace usages of deprecated methods (getCaption and getSummary) of AccessibleTableAdapter and AccessibleTableListener bug 514871 [DEFERRED]

Improve Dark theme support

  • [Win32] READ_ONLY Combobox does not allow changing background or foreground color bug 508634[DONE]


Remove GTK 2.x support

[GTK2] Remove GTK 2.x support bug 530841 [DONE]

Support GTK 3.24

Improve support for GTK3.24 bug 539253 [ONGOING]


Upgrade to Apache Ant version

No Ant version released.

Java 9 Support

ANT tasks swallow error messages (with classpath/modulepath problem) bug 538159 [DELIVERED in 4.10 M3]

Routine Maintenance and Enhancements

  • Ant UI tests are passing with many messages in log bug 533097 [DELIVERED in 4.10 M3]
  • Ant build file behaves differently in eclipse than in an external ant run bug 511279 [DEFERRED to 4.11]

Other Bugs and enhancements.


Debugging user experience

Improve Debugging Usability bug 498469 [DEFERRED to 4.11]

Routine Maintenance and Enhancements

Other Bugs and enhancements.


Migration to CloudBees [ONGOING]

Verification of performance tests and enhancements [DEFERRED]

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