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Platform-releng/Releng meetings/20120403


dw, Paul, John A., Bogdan


  • What's the story on 4.2 "maps" in 4_2_HEAD branch ... not master? Will it be that way forever?
As usual, I'm simply asking for education here ... not questioning or promoting one approach over another.
  • Any strong feelings about structure of /shared/eclipse? I propose
partially answered (see bug 375937. In general, depends on bug 375104.

  • Note: remember you can "drill down" directly on ...
with luck, a build may complete by meeting:
no luck. I forgot to "push" a change after a "commit" ... is there no way to do both at once? (with eGit).
  • My goal/plan is "in a day or two" to point eclipse committers there (to similar builds) to start getting feedback/more eyes.
  • If its useful, here's the first diff I ran on "last good I build" and what we are currently producing in test builds (for linux gtk 64 bit build).

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