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Planning Council/November 7 2018


Meeting Title: Planning Council Conference Call
Date & Time: Wednesday, Nov 7, 2018, at 11:00 EST
Dial in: Topic: Planning Council Meeting

Time: this is a recurring meeting Meet anytime

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   Meeting ID: 928 841 320
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Temporary Planning Council Chair: Nick Boldt Planning Council Chair: Melanie Bats (returns Dec 2018)

Eclipse Foundation

  • Wayne Beaton
  • Frederic Gurr
  • Mikael Barbero

Strategic Members

  • CA Technologies
  • Ericsson AB (Marc-Andre Laperle)
  • IBM (Thomas Watson)
  • itemis AG (Alexander Nyssen)
  • Obeo (Melanie Bats)
  • Oracle (Neil Hauge)
  • Red Hat, Inc. (Nick Boldt)
  • Robert Bosch GmbH
  • SAP SE (Stephan Merker)

PMC Representatives

  • Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) PMC (Gary Xue)
  • Data Tools Platform PMC (Brian Payton)
  • Eclipse Cloud Development PMC (Martin Lippert)
  • Eclipse Project PMC (Dani Megert)
  • IoT
  • LocationTech Technology
  • Eclipse Modeling Project PMC (Ed Merks)
  • Mylyn (Application Lifecycle Tools) PMC (Sam Davis)
  • PolarSys
  • Eclipse Runtime Project (RT) PMC
  • Eclipse Science
  • Service Oriented Architecture PMC (Adrian Mos)
  • Technology PMC (Chris Aniszczyk)
  • Tools Project PMC (Aleksandar Kurtakov)
  • Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project (WTP) PMC (Carl Anderson)

Previous meeting minutes

  • Review previous meeting minutes if you'd like. That is, review them before the meeting, but if questions or issues with previous minutes, this would be a good time to bring them up.




  • [Ed] oomph updates
  • no longer does 32-bit, now does dmg files, includes fixes for equinox changes
  • oomph catalog is less restrictive w/ ranges. Upper bounds are 5.0 so all 4.x updates will work (rather than [4.9,4.10) which prevented it
  • [Alex] Missing EPPs for M1 - Java EE package missing
  • package maintainers ( should / must ) provide automatable tests?
  • publish all of them, but mark not approved, with link to previous
  • AI: Fred to delegate to web team to push all & mark red w/ bug details - maybe for M2?
  • if maintainers provide tests, to be run on EPP jenkins, then manual +1 email no longer needed
  • [Dani] Train name - we're now "Eclipse IDE for ___", "Eclipse IDE" on splash screen
  • EclipseCon planning meeting: 6 in attendance, and in agreement
  • Eclipse TLP still not renamed
  • AI: Dani to email Thabang (cc: Ed) about replacing "Simrel" with "IDE" on download and marketing pages because "Simrel" makes his eyes hurt (though it should be noted that instead of calling the release a "train" he does refer to it as "the simrel") :P
  • [Dani] liaison person for Eclipse marketing (Thabang - new marketing guy; Ian is gone)
  • Sept release marketing was weak
  • No landing page for Jakarta EE, no buzz
  • Plan is to have the June releases be the big buzz, but quarterly releases will get some love too
  • They need our help to know select N&N items as input to marketing
  • Suggestion: Sopot Cela; nominate him to PC
  • AI: Alex to talk to Wayne about appointing Sopot
  • [Fred] cross-projects list should only be used for simrel announcements?
  • no, nothing to change
  • [Dani] new list to be created for jakartaee-projects@ train
  • [Fred] simrel looking good
  • [Ed] not seeing a lot of contributions from projects; will we see problems because no one is watching platform changes?

Actions from last time


  • AI: Wayne: add a new date to the simrel schedule for when an announcement is send to cross-projects@, to report who we think is participating. If URLs are found w/ /latest/ or snapshot, they should be disabled?
  • AI: Wayne: send note to cross-projects@ to announce not opting in
  • AI: Wayne: update "ASAP" re: "Create your release record (for new releases)". Actual date is on/before Oct 19.
  • AI: Wayne to produce documentation re: rules and send to planning-council list
  • AI: Fred restrict pushing to simrel w/o gerrit review
  • not done yet; planned for after M2

New business

  • TBD



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