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Planning Council/2022-11-02


Actions from last meeting

Actions from 2022-10-05.

  • DONE: Action (Jonah): Add the schedule to the Google Calendar
  • DONE: Action (Jonah): Send details of discussion in response to above mentioned thread, and once approved pass this to the IDE WG Steering Committee.
  • DONE: Action (Jonah): Put slides together by 12th October
  • Carried forward Action (Jonah): Update SimRel participation rules must-dos and circulate for approval.

2022-12 Release

  • Batik upgrade has caused lots of duplicates, hopefully as this was late in M2 cycle this will be resolved for M3
  • ECF needs to upgrade to latest httpclient version or else the older version will be in 2022-12. See this issue as an entry point to that discussion.

IDE WG funded development

  • The current board is here
  • Discussed and approved adding the following two items (which may be broken down into smaller items if/as needed):
    • m2e specific fixes to improve usability, for example m2e-core#1012 and m2e-core#1013
    • release engineering work on projects in WG that are at the root of the dependency charts, e.g. Tycho, EMF, ECF, Platform
  • Action (Jonah): Make the new issues in gitlab

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