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Planning Council/2022-09-07


2022-09 Release

  • 2022-09 release going fine and on schedule for EPP to be built tomorrow
  • Ed has been keeping on top of numerous issues (all resolved), such as:
    • Platform's RC1/RC2 getting fully submitted*** RAP contribution missing PGP signatures (resolved very quickly thanks to quick response from RAP project)
    • Signature issue re: Jetty between Platform and WTP. Currently resolved because Platform's contribution goes into SimRel because it is listed first in the .aggr file.
  • Nitin fixed the issue of out of date bugzilla links in the packages
  • m2e has a major new version.

IDE WG Funded Development Effort

  • The current work is going well with the budget available, just that it is taking longer than originally hoped. No budget implications as delay is calendar only, not effort required.
  • Martin and Leif will discuss Chromium offline to see next steps
  • Future items for IDE WG to consider funding:
    • review and accepting contributions
      • e.g. are there past active committers willing to review changes?
    • Add "obsolete" to p2 so that old stuff can be removed that does not work - modelled on RPM
      • The hope is this is to resolve future issues like the m2e upgrade problem so that packages can be marked obsolete and be removed as part of an upgrade

2023 schedule

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