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Planning Council/2022-06-01


  • Actions completed from Planning_Council/2022-05-04 meeting:
    • Membership is now mostly accurate. Some of the PMCs that participate in SimRel don't have active representation, but no one from those PMCs has stepped forward to participate. Follow for the migration of the page too.
    • While the bug Martin raised bug with Buildship project - see - has had no response, the Buildship project is still active. Therefore, like much of open source, if Issue #1147 is a problem for someone they should work with the Buildship committers to get it resolved.
  • Discussion on progress for 2022-06
  • Leif filled us in on Yatta's proposed Electron based integration for SWT browser
    • The initial working version is here -
    • The advantage of this approach is that browser rendering is decoupled from SWT (using IPC between electron and SWT processes)
    • Yatta intends to contribute this to the EF
    • The disadvantage is that Electron needs to be shipped with your SWT application to take advantage of it. For lightweight SWT applications (as opposed to the full Eclipse IDE) this may be unfeasible as SWT is currently just a couple of megabytes and adding in Electron would add in ~100MB. Therefore the SWT integration with OS provided web browser components would need to remain (e.g. Webkit, Edge, etc)
    • Some of the remaining issues (particularly macOS performance with Retina) could use some dedicated development effort (see next section of notes) and would require someone with expertise in this area to resolve.
    • Read more and get involved with the project at the GitHub link above.
  • Funded Dev Efforts going forward
    • The initial round of funded dev effort (last year's "Top 3") is well progressed now with all items having been started, and some completed
    • Now is time for planning council to start considering what are the next items the steering committee should fund
    • Action (Jonah) Add this to agenda of next meeting
  • Composite repos
  • PGP status
    • PGP is working well, many bundles are using it
    • TM4E is signing one bundle with PGP, but as the public key was not previously release users updating from 2022-03 to 2022-06 will be prompted to trust that key
    • Ed updated Oomph catalogs to trust keys coming from Eclipse projects, so users installing 2022-06 will not see this prompt. See for more details

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