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Planning Council/2022-01-05


  • WTP and RAP also make use of Jetty, but more of it than the Platform does, so they can not rely solely on bundles the Platform and Eclipse TLP produce in the future with PGP signatures. They are constrained to keeping the version they use in sync with the Platform SimRel contribution, even as they have to build and handle signing of the additional bundles on their own.
  • PGP discussions:
    • Long discussion on how to present keys/fingerprints to users. Perhaps a link to a webpage with instructions/etc.
    • Various discussions on bugs/improvements that can/need to be made to p2 and related code. Please see bugzilla for details.
    • Action (Jonah): Have a vote on mailing list to make sure we are on the same page as far as functional complete by 2022-03 with 2022-06 including PGP signed content.
  • 2021-12 Postmortem discussion:
    • ECF update means RCP cannot build from simrel alone, needs Platform - problem may be resolved by 2022-03 M2 (maybe M1 if fix is adopted soon enough). Httpclient is related to the problem.

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