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Papyrus for B2MML

B2MML (Business 2 Manufacturing Markup Language) is a data exchange format compliant with the ISA-95 standard, "Enterprise and Control Systems Integration".

As the name of the satandard implies, ISA-95 focuses on the interface between the top two levels of the PEAR architecture: Level 4 (enterprise systems) and Level 3 (Manufacturing Operations Management systems).

Papyrus offers a profile for B2MML. This allows to markup models representing systems at both levels, thus enabling Papyrus to support Manufacturing processes and systems in diverse use cases:

-Design and validate manufacturing processes, and deploy them to MOM systems such as Apache OFBiz -Specify requirements of materials, personnel, equipment to execute manufacturing operations, using Papyrus Tables -Visualize the execution of manufacturing processes, as feedback is obtained from MOM systems

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