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Papyrus/Papyrus Developer Guide/Papyrus Embedded Editors Documentation/Textual Editor For NamedElement

Textual Editor For Named Element

Since Papyrus 1.1.0 (Eclipse Mars), Papyrus provides a new texutal editor to edit references to UML NamedElement. This editor works only for references which are not in containment. This editor has not been developed using XText. it use a custom string parser and the class NameResolutionHelper to find named elements from their name. This string editor works for all references multiplicities.


  • in case of multivalued references, the separator between the name of the element is the comma,
  • if the name contains a comma, the string typed by the user must be prefixed and suffixed by a single quote '.

Generic Behavior

  • the value typed by the user are checked and the value is not committed if the named element is not found (an error message is displayed to the user)
  • completion
    • CTRL-SPACE opens a popup providing an helper for the completion
      • if the text field is empty, the completion provides only the <Undefined> value and display ... to prevent the user than it should type more text.
      • if more than 15 elements are found to match the string, we display only the 15 first values + <Undefined> + ... to prevent the user than more values are available, opening the dialog


  • This editors allows to find named element typing its name.
  • In case of several elements to found, the separator to use is the comma '
  • If the name of the element contains a comma, you should prefix and suffix its name by a quote '.
  • The value will not be set if the element can't be found is the model


If you have 3 Classes in your model, named Class1, Class2 and Clas,s3.

typed text completion proposal explanation
empty string <Undefined>, ... we look for nothing, so we provide the <Undefined> value and ... to ask to the user to write more text
Clas <Undefined>,Class1,Class2,Clas,s3 3 classes matches the string, <Undefined> is always proposed
Class <Undefined>,Class1,Class2 3 classes matches the string, <Undefined>is always proposed
'Clas <Undefined>, Clas,s3 the string starts with a quote and Clas,s3 contains a comma, so we propose Clas,s3; <Undefined> is always proposed
Clas, <Undefined>,... interpreted as a list of value, the first value is Clas, and we have no information for the second one, for the completion it is an empty string


Property View

This editor has been added to the list of available editors for the property view.

  • CompletionStyledTextReferenceDialog to edit single reference value
    • This editor is integrated as a textfield, with additional button to its right

Editing the Type of a Property in Property View

  • CompletionStyledTextMultiReference to edit multi references values
    • This editor is the MultiReference editor, and we added it the text field for completion

Editing the precondition of an Operation in Property View


Papyrus provide an integration of this editor for Papyrus NatTable. This is the same editor for single and multi references. It is a textfield, with a button displayed to its right. This button allows to the user to open the dialog to choose the reference too. It allows to the user to edit the cell as text or selected the new value directly in the model tree with the dialog

  • org.eclipse.papyrus.uml.nattable.manager.cell.editor.UMLReferenceTextWithCompletionCellEditor
    • The editor itself for single and multi values
  • org.eclipse.papyrus.uml.nattable.config.UMLSingleReferenceTextualCellEditorWithButtonConfiguration
    • The configuration to use to edit single value. Currently, this editor is not used by default in Papyrus.

Editing the Type of a Property in Table

  • org.eclipse.papyrus.uml.nattable.manager.cell.editor.UMLReferenceTextWithCompletionCellEditor
    • The configuration to use to edit multi value. Currently, this editor is not used by default in Papyrus.

Editing the precondition of an Operation in Table

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