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The simulated pick-and-place task performed by the Isybot arm is a simple but complete example, which includes service, component and behavioral models. All models are intentionally simple. They can be used as a basis to build other examples with increased complexity, or as a reference to build new applications from scratch.

The system is made up of: one component, the Isybot controller, which realizes several motion and manipulation skills, like MoveTo in cartesian and joint space and Open/Close gripper; and one sequencer, which executes the behavior tree specification of pick-and-place task and demands to the Isybot controller the execution of skills.

The sequencer interacts with the component by means of a well-defined coordination interface that conforms to the RobMoSys Architectural Pattern for Component Coordination.

We provide a virtual machine that comes with all the software to execute the example already generated and built. For this virtual machine, username is “user” and password is “p”. User “user” is allowed to use “sudo”. After logging in, you'll find a readme file with some additional links and videos on the desktop.

Quickstart Instructions (for the Impatient User)

More content is in progress.

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