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  • Create a new channel
  • Add the following aspects
    • Hasher
    • Mime
    • P2 Repository
    • OSGi
  • Create and assign at least one deploy group and key for this channel
  • Configure maven to deploy to http://yourserver:8080/maven/<channel-id>
    • Configure to use "deploy" as username and the deploy key as password
    • Only deploy the features and bundles, not the zipped P2 repository itself
  • Consume the repository from the URL http://yourserver:8080/p2/<channel-id>

Note: Do not add the Tycho Cleaner or the P2 Meta Data Generator!

This setup will re-use the P2 metadata generated by Maven Tycho. It will also re-use the generated features, but not the categories!

If you would add the Tycho Cleaner then the meta data would be prevented from being uploaded. If you would add the P2 Metadata Generator then the meta data would appear twice. If you would add both, you would simply have a difference scenario.

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