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SSH GitHub setup
For this to work you need to set up SSH for Git up at least once. Not doing so will result in an "Auth fail" error message during the final setup. Also see section "GitHub" below.

Setup process

Instead of manually setup up an Eclipse instance and configuring it for the use with Package Drone we provide an Oomph file, which can be considered a fully automated recipe to set up a fully working Eclipse Workspace with only a few manual steps:

  1. Download the Eclipse Installer
  2. Start the installer
  3. Select "Advanced Mode"
  4. From the branch "" select either the "Java EE Developers" or the "Eclipse Committers" edition, click "Next"
  5. Search and select the Project "Package Drone" from the "Eclipse Projects" branch
  6. Click the button with the downwards facing button to actually add the component
  7. Finish the wizard and wait for the installation to complete

This will download, start and provision an Eclipse IDE ready for Package Drone.

Internet connection required
In order for this process to work you will need a working internet connection. The Eclipse installer will download a version of Eclipse, install necessary plugins for the development of Package Drone, clone the Package Drone git repository and download all required dependencies

In the running IDE you can start Package Drone by running the pre-configured launch configuration named "Jetty"

GitHub Account/SSH Setup

This installer recipe will clone and import the GIT repositories of Package Drone from

For this to work you will need:

  • An account at
  • A working SSH setup for your account and GitHub
    • Including exchanged SSH keys
    • Accepted the GitHub host key

The best approach to this is to fire up just any, empty Eclipse installation and clone some project from GitHub with the "ssh" protocol. It can also be the "eclipse/packagedrone" repository. If this worked once, you can use the setup recipe described above.

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