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Release tracking bug:

New features

Package Drone 0.13.0 has the follow new features:

Trigger system

The trigger systems allows to hook in additional actions during processing. Trigger points can either be system internal, like "post add artifact", or configurable, like the HTTP endpoint, where it is possible to configure HTTP endpoints which trigger their actions once the endpoint is accessed using an HTTP POST request.

Trigger actions can work on the trigger context, which may be different for each trigger point. Trigger and action both announce which context they can work on and the system will ensure that only matching trigger/action combinations are possible.

Filter API

Internally a new filter API was started. This allows to query the Package Drone storage for a set of artifacts instead of asking for all from the storage an filtering later. This should come in handy when implementing a search and query UI and also when implementing new storage backends.


For implementing the trigger system, the storage backend format had to be enhanced. This is a seamless process during the upgrade, but is not backwards compatible.

Also the main channel list has be worked on in order to give a better overview. At least I tried ;-) Contributions and ideas are welcome!

Fixes and improvements

  • Upgrade PAX Web to 4.2.5
  • Added the "Source Plugin" to the embedded CKeditor in order to allow plain HTML editing of descriptions
  • #29: Invalid P2 artifact mappings generated in ZIP file – Thanks to @sbegaudeau for reporting this.
  • #41: Add a modal "are you sure" dialog do the PGP managed key delete action – Thanks to @jeandersonbc for fixing this.
  • #46: remove firewalld dependency – Thanks to @ruckc for reporting this.
  • #50: Allow re-using zipped P2 metadata – Thanks to @trohrberg for suggesting this.
  • #52: Children links in relation tab are wrong – Thanks to @nfalco79 for reporting.
  • #53: UI permit empty user role – Thanks to @nfalco79 for reporting.
  • #55: No dialog appear deleting a resource from a channel – Thanks to @nfalco79 for reporting.
  • #57: Help page for p2 repository does not work when user is logged in – Thanks to @nfalco79 for reporting.

Big thanks to @kdoteu who cleaned up the whole project build and removed all the unnecessary POM files and allows us to use a pom-less Tycho build now!

Known bugs and issues

Mostly harmless!

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