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PDT/Testing Framework

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"Testing: Early, Often and Automated" (Extreme Programmin Explained by KENT BECK)
The PDT team has accepted the XP ([1]) two principles to increase the cost-effectiveness of testing: double checking and the Defect Cost Increase.
We release the "PDT test framework" that helps us write unit tests for PDT in a very fast way.

"The sooner you find a defect, the cheaper it is to fix".


Unit tests for PDT plug-ins can be found under /gitroot/tools/org.eclipse.pdt/tests module. The convention is the following:

Plug-in Name Unit Test Plug-in Name
org.eclipse.php.core org.eclipse.php.core.tests

Running Unit Tests

Each Unit Test plug-in has its own AllTests suite. For running the suite at once right click on it, then select: Run As -> JUnit Plug-in Test. Each test can be run independently in the same manner.

See also: PDT/Testing Framework - PDTT

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