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PDE/API Tools/Developers

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Getting Started

Getting the Source Code

The source code for this implementation is available from the CVS server in the /cvsroot/eclipse respository. You need to check out three projects from HEAD. There is a team project set file to assist you with this.

  1. Add the CVS server to your repositories view (
  2. Expand the server and "HEAD" elements in the tree.
  3. Check out the the / project.
  4. In your Package Explorer, select the projectSet.psf file (for extssh access) or pserverProjectSet.psf file (for pserver access) in the root folder of the "/ project".
  5. Select File > Import. On the first page of the import wizard select Team > Team Project Set and press "Next".
  6. On the second page of the wizard, the "\projectSet.psf" should already be specified as the file to import. If not, choose it. Press "Finish".
  7. When asked for a user name and password although you chose the pserverProjectSet.psf, just enter anonymous as user name and leave the password field empty.

The PDE API Tools projects and tests will be added to your workspace.

Bugs and Enhancement Requests

The API tooling project uses Bugzilla for tracking bugs and enhancement requests. Active API tooling bugs can be found with this query. All bugs should be filed in with the Eclipse project, PDE product, under the API Tools component.


For all other developer information / questions please visit the API Tools website.


Manual testing must be done for all aspects of API tooling. To help with what should be tested (and what is the expected result) you can refer to the API tools test plan page.

Running the JUnit Tests

The JUnit tests run as standard JUnit tests (it can also run as JUnit plug-in tests). However, the tests require one mandatory VM argument:

-DrequiredBundles=<path to directory containing standard Eclipse plug-ins>

The required bundles are used as a pool when resolving required bundles for test bundles in the suite.

The tests can be run individually, or you can run them all from the APIToolsTestSuite class.

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