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P2 Environment Export/Visualization


The idea for this proposal is based on the description in bug 267275, and the summary on the Google Summer of Code 2009 Ideas page.

The project will entail adding the ability to export the current state of the system, as well as the requested change in the event of a failure. This functionality would probably be added to the resolution page of the install wizard in the event of a failure, though switches could also be added to applicable command line applications as well. The dump will likely be written in XML and would probably need to include the current profile, the IUs changed (and how, removal, installation), related metadata, and potentially the results of the resolution failure.

Closely tied to the ability to export is importing the dumped data, the project will also need the ability to recreate the system in memory and trace the failed resolution. If it isn't possible to effectively dump resolution data, the failure could be recreated by re-executing the change request using state data from the export.

Creating an effective visual representation of the state, and the problems encountered will be one of the more time consuming steps in the project. Though the difficulty of this process may be simplified if an existing Eclipse project packages visual elements which could be imported.

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