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org.eclipse.ecf.platform.cquery has three advisor nodes. The first specifies that components matching the pattern do not use a target platform (exactly what does this mean?) and do not use a workspace (for what? ... resolution?). The last advisor node (.*) rejects any component not matched by a previous advisor node.

The advisor node ^org\.eclipse\.equinox\.p2\.user\.ui$ has Skip Component = true. Docs say that setting Skip Component = true means that the component is not resolved. Why is this what we want here? What exactly does it mean? This node also does not specify useWorkspace=false. Note that in the Component Query Editor the selection for workspace in Resolution Scope is selected and disabled (shaded, cannot be changed) if Skip Component is true. However, you can edit the xml version of the file and set Workspace=true. If you do this, the checkbox in Resolution Scope is checked, but still disabled.

List of advisor nodes

Matches org.eclipse.ecf.anything
Matches org.eclipse.equinox.p2.user.ui exactly.
Anything not matched by a previous advisor node is rejected.

Here's the latest version of the org.eclipse.ecf.platform.cquery file. Check the repository for the actual version used in the build. The version provided here is for convenience only, although we make a reasonable attempt to keep it current. The cquery files (once we determine exactly what we want) should not change frequently.

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