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Orbit/Transition to Git Plan

Draft / Proposal
This is a draft plan being proposed. Please submit comments/feedback to


  • Replace usage of CVS with Git


  • Migrate from hand crafted bundles in CVS to templated approach implemented by EBR
  • Publish bundles built from recipes as new (additional) p2 repository
  • Leaving all existing Orbit "R" builds in place
  • Provide a composite repository of old CVS based and new Git based bundles (allows for lazy migration of old bundles)

Proposed Timeline

  • (July) Document plan and timeline
  • (July) Start publishing p2 repository with recipes on in addition to existing Orbit repositories
  • (August) Maven repository of IP approved libraries hosted at (instead of consuming libraries from Maven Central)
  • (End of August) Announce availability of new "stream" and migration plan via cross-project
  • (September) Mars SR1
  • (October, after Mars SR1) Freeze CVS, stop building bundles out of CVS
  • (October, after Mars SR1) Every change must be done in Git now, i.e. missing recipes must be created first
  • (December) archive Orbit CVS


  • setup Gerrit for recipes repo (bug 472244) (done)


  • Orbit/New_Iplog_Design generate nice HTML download page for (based of p2 metadata?) (Orbit/New_Iplog_Design)
    • will not: provide map files (they will go away), team project set, build logs (available in Hudson)
  • investigate test results ... porting or re-doing?
  • run CBI repository analyzes on p2 repo (done)
  • investigate OSGi repository support (index.xml)
  • investigate publishing CQ and license information into p2 metadata for bundle (from ip log) - publish CQ information along with list of bundles/jars (Orbit/New_Iplog_Design) (done, but could use improvements to method)


  • setup Maven repository at to host IP approved libraries as source of truth (done)
  • consume IP approved libraries from hosted Maven repository in addition to Maven Central
  • create and document process for adding IP approved libraries to such an hosted Maven repositories
  • implement sign and pack (done)
  • publish p2 repo from recipe HIPP build on (done)
  • document requirements around the ip_log.xml


  • investigate addition of a final mirroring step using a comparator to only publish new/changed artifacts (bundles)

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