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OpenID Context Provider Dependencies

Library Home Page (URL) Download (URL) Used for Version License (URL)
OpenID4Java tar.gz full package (includes depends)
To access Open ID 2.0 servers as a source of authentication and attributes. To build or deploy you will need dependencies from the package besides the java-openid-sxip-*.jar. 0.9.2 Apache 2.0
jdom downloads OpenID4Java dependency unknown - 1.0 Tested Apache 2.0 ish
ehcache tar.gz OpenID4Java dependency 1.2.4 Apache 2.0
jug part of openxri 3party lib directory OpenXRI dependency 1.1 unknown
openxri tar.gz OpenID4Java dependency 1.0.1 [1]
spring downloads Potential OpenID4Java dependency, only spring.jar is included in their dist, I run fine without this. unknown Apache 2.0
xmlsec downloads

1.3 zip

OpenID4Java dependency 1.3 Apache 2.0
httpclient all versions downloads

3.0.1 tar.gz
3.0.1 zip

Used as part of the browser emulation when authenticating openIDs to their provider. Tested with 3.0.1 and 3.0-RC2 Apache 2.0
log4j all versions downloads

1.2.13 tar.gz
1.2.13 zip

Used for logging directly by this package and some of the dependent packages. Testing has been done with various versions with no detected problems. Tested with 1.2.09 - 1.2.13(Approved by Orbit) and 1.2.14 Apache 2.0 (Approved by Orbit)
Bandit Utility all versions downloads

bandit-config-0.2.392.jar bandit-jscript-0.2.392.jar bandit-misc-0.2.392.jar

Used for XML based configuration reading and writing (some castor generated code) and several other utility classes. Examples include case insensitive strings, non-escaped XML attribute writer, text manipulation, and small modifications to the Open LDAP RFC filter code listed below. 0.2.x (Tested w/ bandit-config-0.2.392.jar, bandit-jscript-0.2.392.jar, and bandit-misc-0.2.392.jar) Licensing

Bandit Utility code is dual licensed under LGPL and EPL

dom4j jar Used to read and write our XML based configuration file. We also currently use castor generated code to read and write XML configuration data but it doesn't handle all the XML Schema constructs (namespace references) that we need. 1.6.1 Approved: CQ1362 (OK to check in under Incubator rules) BSD style license
jaxen all downloads

1.1 zip 1.1 tar.gz

An XPath engine used by Dom4j 1.1 License
Xerces Xerces Downloads

Xalan Downloads

Used by the castor generated code (and dom4j?). Found in xerces and xalan packages, you may need xalan for other components to work properly, depending on your JVM. 2.7.1 Approved: CQ1171, CQ1650 Apache 2.0 (Approved by Orbit)
Castor all 1.0.4 downloads

jar only

Required by the castor generated code. 1.0.4 License
Commons Logging 1.1 tar.gz

1.1 zip

Logging shim required by castor and other projects 1.1 Apache 2.0 License
Rhino JavaScript engine all versions downloads

1.6R5 zip

Used to allow deployers of the context provider to use javascript fragments to control critical behaviors. Note there are various license options depending on how it is delivered. 1.6R5 Approved: CQ1455 License
Jericho 2.3 zip

2.4 zip

Jericho HTML Parser used to act as a browser and parse forms for form fill. 2.4 2.3 LGPL, 2.4 LGPL or EPL License


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Test project:

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