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October 2007 Requirements Council Meeting

  • This Council Meeting was held October 10th at 09:00am local time in the "Eckstube" room of the Neckar Forum in Esslingen, Germany. You can register at the Eclipse Summit Europe page. Agenda:
    • Review and approval of June 28th meeting minutes
    • Up to four Member Presentations
    • Don to present feedback from Eclipse Members Meeting Sept 21 in Dallas
    • 2006 Themes and Priorities discussion
      • Donald to present feedback from Add-in community and members meeting
      • Team to look at prioritization
      • Discussion of any suggested additions or deletions of T&P
      • Are there Non-Technical Requirements to add?
    • Bugzilla Tracking. As a group, let's consider putting our heads down during the meeting and implementing Paul's suggestion from last meeting:
      • Create a Bugzilla entry for each top level Theme
      • Assign the Bugzilla entries to
      • Add links to the Bugzilla entries to Wiki page beside each theme
      • Associate related Bugzilla entries to each Theme Bugzilla entry
    • Lunch to be provided

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