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OHF Bridge Public Demo

The IBM Almaden Research Center provides a public demo of the OHF Bridge Web service component for use with integration testing. The demo uses IBM's publicly available IHE-compliant infrastructure to perform queries and store/retrieve documents. Click here for more information about the OHF Bridge or see the OHF Bridge wiki page.

Using the Demo

The SOAP endpoint for the OHF Bridge public demonstration is located at:

The WSDL for the Web service can be access by appending a "?wsdl" to the URL listed above:

Any SOAP 1.1 or 1.2-compliant client that supports RPC-style transactions can access the Web service. For more information about using the OHF Bridge, see the using the Bridge and a discussion of the OHF Bridge API.

Configured RHIOs

The IBM Public Demo contains a list of pre-configured servers, mainly supported by IBM's IHII infrastructure and the NIST XDS registry/repository. To retrieve the list of configured RHIOs, use the GetRhios Bridge operation.

PHP-based Client Demo

An unsupported, proof-of-concept PHP client using the OHF Bridge Web service for viewing of patient data is also available.

Enter any username/password. It will present you with a list of configured RHIOs that you can select from. The source for the PHP client is in the org.eclipse.ohf.bridge.client package in CVS.

Using the Bridge Public Demo at IHE Events

The IHE does not permit the OHF Bridge Public Demo, or any centralized Web service, to be used by multiple parties at events such as the IHE Connectathon. For using the OHF Bridge at Connectathon, you must download and install the OHF Bridge on your local machine. Click here to learn more about installing the Bridge.

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