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OHF:ATNA 2008 MESA Tests

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ATNA 2008 MESA Tests

This page is intended to be used for discussion/FAQ of the 2008 ATNA MESA Tests.

ATNA Overview

ATNA is the security profile as specified by the IHE's IT Infrastructure group. It covers two aspects: Secure Communications, and Audit Records.

Information Resources

The offical MESA ATNA tests contain the details from the IHE about the tests, and how to perform them. (requires login)

Here is where the MESA Test Status for OHF is recorded.

Test Discussions

ATNA Secure Node Client Tests

These tests need to be done systems which at as client systems, such as XDS Document Source, XDS Consumer, PIX/PDQ clients, and PIX source. For EMR systems using the OHF Bridge, these test are for the bridge's connection wih XDS actors. They don't apply to the connection between the EMR and the Bridge.

1221: Client Certificate Exchange with Valid Certificate

1222: Client Certificate Exchange with Unregistered Certificate

1223: Client Certificate Exchnage with Expired Certificate

1224: Client TLS Handshake with TLS

ATNA Client Application Tests

For EMR's using the Bridge these tests appear to be duplicates of the Secure Node Client tests 1221,1222,1223,1224

11141: Client ATNA Certificate Exchange with Valid Certificate

11142: Client ATNA Certificate Exchange with Unregistered Certificate

11143: Client ATNA Certificate Exchnage with Expired Certificate

ATNA Secure Node (Client & Server) Audit Tests

These tests evaluate the systems ability to send the reguired audit records to the audit repository. The first test, 11100, is due 3 weeks (Nov 10th) before the rest of the tests.

11100: ATNA: List Audit Messages

Due Nov 10th.

11101: ATNA Audit Actor Start BSD

11102: ATNA Audit Actor Start Reliable Syslog

11103: ATNA Audit Actor Specific Audit Message

11104: ATNA Audit: User Authentication

11121: ATNA Audit Patient Records

ATNA All Audit Events

11180: System Audit Event

11181: Actor Start

11182: Actor Stop

11183: Begin Storing Instances

11184: Health-service-event

11185: Instances-deleted

11186: Instances-Stored

11187: Medication

11188: Mobile-machine-event/enter

11189: Mobile-machine-event/leave

11190: Node-Authentication-Failure

11191: Order-record-event

11192: Patient-care-assignment

11193: Patient-care-episode

11194: Patient-care-protocol

11195: Patient-record-event

11196: PHI-export

11197: PHI-import

11198: Procedure-record-event

11199: Query Information

11200: Security Administration

11201: Study-Object-Event

11202: Study-used

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