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Who can vote?

Nebula committers and contributors are allowed to vote for the new Logo.

A contributor is someone who has actively participated (past tense) in the Nebula community e.g. by:

  • Filing nebula bugs or participating in Nebula bugs (including the logo submission bug)
  • Answering questions in the Nebula forum
  • Participating in discussions in the Nebula mailing list
  • Writing Nebula wiki content
  • Blogging about Nebula
  • any other means that can clearly be seen as a contribution


  1. You can NOT vote for your own logo design.
  2. Submission ends April 18 2012

How to vote

Copy the following text into an e-mail, change it where appropriate and send it to nebula-dev

My name is: Your name here
I have contributed to Nebula in the following way:
(state that you are a committer, provide a link to a contribution, or describe your contribution)

My first choice is logo number: 
My second choice is logo number: 
My third choice is logo number: 

I declare that none of these logos are made by me.


  1. Neb alexanderkravets1.png
  2. Neb alexanderkravets2.png
  3. Neb alexanderkravets3.png
  4. Neb alexanderkravets4.png
  5. Neb davidhenderson1.jpg
  6. Neb davidhenderson2.jpg
  7. Neb davidhenderson3.jpg
  8. Neb davidklawitter1.jpg
  9. Neb davidklawitter2.jpg
  10. Neb davidklawitter3.jpg
  11. Neb donalddunne 1.png
  12. Neb donalddunne 2.png
  13. Neb loredanachituc1.png
  14. Neb loredanachituc10.png
  15. Neb loredanachituc2.png
  16. Neb loredanachituc3.png
  17. Neb loredanachituc4.png
  18. Neb loredanachituc5.png
  19. Neb loredanachituc6.png
  20. Neb loredanachituc7.png
  21. Neb loredanachituc8.png
  22. Neb loredanachituc9.png
  23. Neb matthewpike 1.png
  24. Neb matthewpike 2.png
  25. Neb matthewpike 3.png
  26. Neb missing1.jpg
  27. Neb missing2.png
  28. Neb nicolasricheton1.png
  29. Neb nicolasricheton2.png
  30. Neb vladislav1.png
  31. Neb vladislav2.png
  32. Neb vladislav3.png
  33. Neb vladislav4.png
  34. Neb vladislav5.png
  35. Neb wimjongman2.png
  36. Neb wimjongman3.png
  37. Neb wimjongman4.png
  38. Neb wimjongman5.png
  39. Neb wimjongman6.png
  40. Neb wimjongman7.png
  41. Neb wimjongman8.png
  42. Neb wimjongman1.png

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