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Model Comparison Panel 2007

We presented he EMF Compare project at EclipseCon 2007.

The presenters were (in order of apparition): Jean Bezivin, INRIA, Universite de Nantes. Antoine Toulme, Intalio Inc. Cedric Brun, Obeo Ed Merks, EMF lead.

Some of the questions that were asked:

Will it be possible to tweak the UI of the editor we will produce ?

How will we identify the dependencies between differences ? How can I avoid invalidating the model ?

How are you going to integrate with the Eclipse Compare project ? Regarding this questions, Michael Valenta, Eclipse Compare lead wanted exactly to know if we were to use a XMI content-file detection system, or if we were to rely on file extensions. His concern is that people already use comparators for XML files or maybe even EMF models, and force them to use our tool would be a bad thing.

Part of the slides are available Media:EMFCompareAntoine.pdf.

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