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Mint New Noteworthy


Clean Generated Artifacts Refactoring

As models evolve, it is sometimes necessary to change an attribute's or reference's name or type, or even the class/interface name. When an updated model is generated, code that was generated previously is left behind, often necessitating manual removal. While the full model refactoring is not in its scope, Mint contributes a Java refactoring that lets you clean code that is generated for a particular generator model element. This refactoring is accessible from GenModel Editor's context menu.

Mint-helios clean-generated-wizard.png

Highlighting Classes with Customized Members

Mint can detect if a particular type or its members are generated by looking in their Javadoc. In many JDT views, Members that are generated are highlighted using a distinct color, while those that are generated but subsequently customized are highlighted using a different color. This makes it easier to see the extent of customization in any given class or package. However, a type can remain generated (un-customized) while some of its members may in fact be customized. Mint now detects such partially customized types and highlights them using yet another color.

Mint-helios customized-members-decoration.png

Generated Artifacts View

Mint already contributes several context menu items to the GenModel Editor that allow for easy navigation from the model element to the artifacts it generates. Starting with version 0.9.0, Mint also provides the Generated Artifacts view, which allows you to see the artifacts that are generated or otherwise related to the GenModel Editor selection.

Mint-helios generated-artifacts-view.png


Extensible Item Java Element Source

The Item Java Element Source Provider mechanism has been updated to allow third parties to contribute their own support for extended code generators. For instance, if a plugin contributes a code generator adapter to extend the existing code generation process with additional artifacts based on the model, then the same (or another) vendor can contribute mappings to the new artifacts that their extension generates from the model.

Mint-galileo extensibility.png

Extensibility Example

A new example project shows how to extend Mint's support for EMF-generated artifacts. The example builds upon EMF's Example Generator Validator example, which extends the GenModel generator to produce additional artifacts (i.e., validators). The Mint extension plugin then contributes additional mappings from the GenModel to the generated validators.

Mint-galileo examples.png

Content Assist support for EMF Javadoc tags

EMF-specific Javadoc tags are now recognized in the Java Editor.

Mint-galileo content-assist.png

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