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2017 (Jan 7, 2017): [1] A quest for a lightweight and reactive Enterprise Java Platform - JAXenter</a> (Jan 17, 2017):[2]Importance of Java EE, JCP, Java EE Guardians and Microprofile--Interview With Reza Rahman (Jan 24, 2017): [3]Microservices and JavaEE: Antonio Goncalves at CERN | Voxxed (Jan 25, 2017): [4]Just enough code: WildFly Swarm MicroProfile | Voxxed

Red Hat Developer Blog (Oct 17, 2017): [5]The Monitoring aspects of Eclipse MicroProfile 1.2

Red Hat Developer Blog (Oct 25, 2017): [6]How to monitor an Eclipse MicroProfile 1.2 server with Prometheus


DZone (June 29, 2016): [7]Announcing Java EE Microprofile

Jaxenter (June 29, 2016): [8]MicroProfile is not an effort designed to exclude Oracle

Infoworld (July 5, 2016): [9]Java EE devotees plot to seize control from Oracle (July 5, 2016): [10]Java EE in a Box: Micro profiles - a community-driven new standard

Jaxenter (July 6, 2016): [11]MicroProfile: "The time for the monolithic Java EE platform standard is possibly over" (July 7, 2016): [12]Oracle breaks the silence to Java EE 8

Thoughts-On-Java (July 9, 2016): [13] Java EE Micro Profile - Optimizing Java EE for microservices

TechTarget (July 14, 2016): [14]MicroProfile streamlines Java EE for microservices

InfoQ (July 15, 2016): [15]Java EE Vendors and the London JUG Announce New MicroProfile

SD Times (July 20, 2016): [16]Java EE awaits its future - SD Times

JAXEnter (Aug 1, 2016): [17]Oracle aims high with Java EE, prepares it for the cloud - JAXenter

Infoworld (Aug 8, 2016): [18]Pivotal, WSO2 seize on Oracle's Java EE delays | InfoWorld

IT Direction (Sep 19, 2016): [19]Modular Enterprise Java 'MicroProfile' is now available

Thoughts-On-Java (Sep 19, 2016): [20]Java Weekly 38/16: Apache Netbeans, Java 9 delay, MicroProfile 1.0

WildFly Swarm Blog (Sep 19, 2016): [21]MicroProfile with WildFly Swarm

JAXEnter (Sep 20, 2016): [22]MicroProfile 1.0: HTTP is not the only way microservices communicate

Voxxed (Sep 20, 2016): [23]MicroProfile 1.0: What developers want

Infoworld (Sep 23, 2016): [24]Oracle tries playing nice with Java EE rebels

Infoworld (Dec 20, 2016): [25]Eclipse embraces Java microservices initiative | InfoWorld

JAXEnter (Dec 16, 2016): [26]It's a done deal: MicroProfile is an Eclipse Foundation project - JAXenter

ADTmag (Dec 23, 2016): [27]MicroProfile Now an Eclipse Project -- ADTmag

IT Direction (Dec 23, 2016): [28]More on the MicroProfile enterprise Java project

Le Mag IT (Dec 27, 2016): "JavaEE : MicroProfile d' par la Fondation Eclipse

Heise Developer (Dec 19, 2016): [29]Jetzt offiziell: MicroProfile-Projekt wandert zu Eclipse | heise Developer (Dec 21, 2016): [30]La fondation Eclipse accueille l'initiative MicroProfile, l'un des projets lancés pour poursuivre le développement de Ja…

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