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Meeting Minutes Nov 4

Meeting Minutes - Nov 4, 2013

1. Review logistics

  • Assumption is maximum 20 different 'products' will participate, minimum 10. Suggest to limit 2 attendees per product.
  • Ian S will secure a room at EclipseCon for Monday, March 17. Room will be setup to have 10 different work areas to support pair-wise testing.
  • Internet access is always a challenge so we need to make sure we can do testing without direct access.
  • Participation will be free for conference attendees. However non-EclipseCon attendees might have to pay a fee to cover the F&B cost.

2. Suggested agenda items

  • Update on standard efforts by TC chairs
  • Types of testing
    • Pair-wise testing between a client product and a server product
    • Multiple different clients testing against a server
    • Multiple servers bridged together
  • Goal of the testing will be to create a report showing the successful interoperability between different products.

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