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Full name MOSKitt4ME
Project URL [[1]]
Download URL [[2]]
License EPL
Registration Not required
Developer PROS-UPV [3]
Creator(s) PROS-UPV [4]
Launched TBA
Current Status RC
Stable Version 1.1.0

MOSKitt4ME is a project aimed at giving support to Method Engineering, by providing a methological framework to help and assist method engineers not only in the definition of Software Production Methods (SPMs) but also in deriving CASE tools to support them. The project development is based on the MOSKitt Platform [5].


MOSKitt4ME is a methodological framework developed within the context of the MOSKitt tool to provide support for the definition and construction of Software Production Methods (SPMs).

The name of tool MOSKitt4ME stands for "Moskitt for Method Engineering".

MOSKitt4ME is a MOSKitt extension that integrates the EPF Composer editor [6] and the Activiti Designer [7] and engine available under the Eclipse Public Licence (EPL).

Version History

  • Version 1.0.0 includes:
    • Integrates a SPEM and BPMN 2.0 editor
    • Includes a transformation to move from SPEM to BPMN method definition
    • Includes a transformation to generate a CASE tool according to the method specified in SPEM and BPMN 2.0
  • Version 1.1.0 includes (latest version):
    • New features for the management of the Product Explorer have been implemented
    • Some bugs have been fixed

The plugins of this project can be already downloaded from the following update site:


  • Eclipse Modeling Tools [8]
  • Graphiti (version 0.7.1) [9]

Role played in OPEES/Polarsys

The infrastructure provided by MOSKitt4ME can be used by Polarsys members (1) to define a software development methodology according to the particularities of the domain at hand and (2) to build a CASE tool supporting the methodology previously defined. Currently, MOSKitt4ME version 1.1.0 is capable of generating CASE tools whose components have been developed as plugins for Eclipse. Once the CASE tool has been generated this assist users during the execution of software projects according to the specified methodology.


As a methodological framework, MOSKitt4ME proposes the following three phases to overcome the support of SPMs:

SPM Design phase

It involves the specification of the process that determines how the final software artefact is built and the pieces that compose this process.
Screencast [10]

SPM Configuration phase

During the configuration phase, a SPM process model is linked with assets e.g., a metamodel, an editor, a transformation or any artefact that contain software support data that have been previously built and are stored in a repository.
Screencast [11]

SPM Implementation phase

During this phase a reconfiguration of the MOSKitt platform is obtained. This includes all the software resources that support the pieces involved in the method. To do so, MOSKitt4ME uses the assets linked to the pieces that compose the method. Together with these software resources, the MOSKitt reconfiguration includes an static plugin (that is, a plugin common for all methods) that implements an environment for project execution, which allows the enactment of the method process.
Screencast [12]
Screencast generated CASE Tool [13]


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