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MDT/UML2/New and Noteworthy/Juno

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Milestone 7

The milestone was completed on Monday, 7 May 2012.

Milestone 7 involved minor bug fixing and 1 enhancement.


364419 Provide Standalone init

A new utility was introduced to assist clients working with UML2-based resources, especially in standalone environments. This utility, found in UMLResourcesUtil, initializes the registries for a specified resource set (or the global registries if none is specified) with the registrations needed to work with UML2 resources in stand-alone mode.

Further details can be found in the bug.

Milestone 6

The milestone was completed on Monday, 19 March 2012.

Milestone 6 involved minor bug fixing and 1 enhancement.


373643 Provide a Dynamic Constraint Provider for the UML Metamodel Constraints

This enhancement defines a constraint provider, plugging into the EMF/Validation EMF Validation Framework used by GMF-based editors, that exposes all of the UML metamodel constraints implemented in the UML2 generated EValidator as constraints in that framework.

To ensure that this does not introduce a required dependency on the validation framework, the provider implementation class DelegatingConstraintProvider is not registered on the org.eclipse.emf.validation.constraintProviders extension point by the UML plug-in. Rather, it is the responsibility of applications that wish to integrate the UML validation into their workflows to do this registration.

For example, the MDT/Papyrus graphical UML modeller project integrates this new constraint provider. See a model with some structural issues about to be validated in Papyrus:

Invocation model validation in Papyrus

And see the results reported in the Problems view:

Validation problems in Papyrus

For further details, please see the entry in the Bugzilla database.

Milestone 4

The milestone was completed on Monday, 12 December 2011.

Milestone 4 involved a number of enhancements related to migrating to the latest version of the UML specification, 2.4.1.


The UML2 API has been updated based on the latest version of the UML (and MOF) specification (UML 2.4.1).

*  The version of UML as defined by the OMG is UML 2.4.1.
*  The latest version of the UML2 API is 4.0.0.

In M4 ...

+ The UML2 API was regenerated based on updated specification changes.

+ All metamodels from which the UML2 API is generated were updated.

+ Static versions of the standard UML profiles were introduced.

+ Migration code was added to migrate previous versions of serialized UML to the latest.

+ A migration guide was created at

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