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UML2 API to Platform Ontology transformation

A full introduction to this transformation can be found here : [1].

This page describes how to install and run the benchmark.

System requirements

  • Eclipse 3.3 + EMF 2.3 + UML 2.1
  • ATL from CVS 26/10/2007
  • IODT EODM 1.1.2 [2]
  • Subclipse 1.2 [3]
  • Web server running on local computer (E.g. Apache)
  • 4 GB RAM, of which 2GB is available to Eclipse [4]

Downloading from Subversion

  • Select "Window -> Open Perspective -> Other" from the Eclipse menu bar.
  • Select "SVN Repository Exploring" from the list and click "OK".
  • Under the "SVN Repository" tab, right-click and select "New -> Repository Location".
  • In the "Add SVN Repository" dialog, enter as "Url" and click "Finish".
  • Open the newly created repository and select the "platformkit-java" subfolder.
  • Right-click on the selected folder, then select "Checkout..."
  • Click "Finish" in the "Checkout from SVN" dialog.

You should now have a new project named "platformkit-java" added to your project list. The Java source files in the project will likely fail to build because of missing dependencies. This is not important for running this benchmark, however.

Setting up the web server

Some ontologies must be available from your local webserver in order for EODM to work. Make sure the following files are available:

The ontology files are located in the "/platformkit-java/" project you just checked out from the Subversion repository.

Running the benchmark

The benchmark runs from an Ant build.xml [5] script and invokes the UML2PackageAPIOntology.atl [6] transformation several times.

The build.xml script is currently optimised for an 8-core machine, because it starts up as much as 8 transformation runs in parallel. You may edit the build.xml script in "/platformkit-java/transformations/" to adjust the "threadCount" property to the amount of CPUs/cores/hardware execution threads that your test machine has.

The benchmark can now be started as follows:

  • Open the "empty.owl" file in the EODM editor and browse it. This ensures that EODM is activated.
  • Create an empty file "/platformkit-java/transformations/build.log".
  • Right-click the "build.xml" file in "/platformkit-java/transformations/" and select "Run As -> Ant Build...".
  • In the "JRE" tab, select "Run in the same JRE as the workspace".
  • In the "Common" tab, select "File:" for "Standard Input and Output".
  • Specify "${workspace_loc:/platformkit-java/transformations/build.log}" as output file.
  • Click "Run".

Now, sit back until the benchmark finishes. To give you an idea how long it takes, these are the figures for our test machine:

 CPUs:    2 x Intel Core2 Quad @ 2.33GHz
 Memory:  8 GB RAM, 1 TB harddisk
 OS:      Fedora Linux 7, x86_64
 Runtime: 95 minutes [7], version r7103

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