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Lyo 2.0 New and Noteworthy

  • Release date is 10/02/2013


  • JARs with and without the Eclipse Foundation approved dependencies are on the Lyo download page

Lyo is now available in a public Maven repository

  • Use the lyo-releases repository on to add the Lyo libraries to a Maven project.

Release Content

  • We've added a TRS SDK to OSLC4J.
    • Build TRS providers using the OSLC4J Java SDK!
    • Browse the TRS reference application to see how to use the library and build TRS providers.
    • Verify your implementation with the TRS test suite.
    • Learn TRS through the TRS workshop using the Bugzilla sample.
  • An early LDP reference implementation is available for Lyo.
    • Server support for latest W3C draft
    • Pluggable triple store implementation with Jena TDB provided for reference
    • Sample data (net worth and bug tracking examples)
  • We've added support for text/turtle to OSLC4J.
  • Many bug fixes and smaller enhancements

Continuous Integration and Process Improvements

  • Automated Hudson builds after any change
  • Snapshot artifacts published to Maven repository after each build

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