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Locationtech bootstrap


  1. Lead Developer
    1. Christopher Guindon (Eclipse Foundation)
  2. Designers:
    1. Mathieu Joanisse (Atomiq)
    2. Eric Poirier (Atomiq)
  3. LocationTech Administrator
    1. Andrew Ross (Eclipse Foundation)
  4. PMI Lead Developer
    1. Wayne Beaton (Eclipse Foundation)

Project Plan

  1. Initiation
    1. Setup development environment and brief involved parties about the Project. [COMPLETED]
    2. Meet with Andrew to get an overview of the work that needs to be done. [COMPLETED]
    3. Define a plan for this project [COMPLETED]
  2. Planning
    1. Research best sub-theme to use for this project (Bootstrap or Omega) [COMPLETED]
    2. Share findings with key members of the project [COMPLETED]
    3. Audit current state of the Locationtech site and propose changes if necessary [COMPLETED]
    4. Create a test plan [COMPLETED]
      1. Meet with Wayne and Andrew regarding required changes to the LocationTech website [COMPLETED]
      2. Deploy a test site on staging [COMPLETED]
      3. Invite co-workers to provide feedback on the new theme [COMPLETED]
      4. Test the website on different platforms (Mobile, tablets and different desktop browsers) [COMPLETED]
      5. Gather feedback and make changes to the theme if necessary [COMPLETED]
      6. Ask Denis for code review
      7. Deploy new site on production in January
    5. Create a new locationTech theme based of the chosen sub-theme
  3. Execution
    1. Start working on the new theme and make sure that everyone is on the same page with this plan for this project. [COMPLETED]
    2. Open bugs to the PMI if a new feature is required [COMPLETED]
  4. Monitor and Control
    1. Make sure to involve Wayne and Andrew on the progress and make necessary changes to the project plan if needed. [COMPLETED]
  5. Project Close
    1. Only after a proper code review from my colleagues and a +1 from I.T Director shall I deploy the improvements on production. My goal is to finalize this by the end of January.
    2. Monitor errors logs for the first few days to make sure that everything is working properly
    3. Reflect on what went right, or wrong during the project. This will allow us to learn from our mistake and success for the next project.

Deployment Plan

This bug is to track the the deployment of the new LocationTech look and feel.

The site is live on staging:

Andrew created a bug to track feedback from the community:

My plan is to go live Wednesday, 22nd January 2014. I expect to bring the site offline from 9:00-13:00. I am adding an extra hour to plan for the unexpected but if all goes well we should be done at noon.



This is a sub-theme of the drupal bootstrap theme.

Foundation: Github (private):


This module includes all the features, block and custom content that I needed to create the "new" look.

Foundation: Github (private):


This is a feature module for Events and Members. I made some adjustment to the output of the those pages. For example we were using HTML tables to display the logos on the front page. I am currently using an inline-list instead.

My changes for this module is tracked on the 7.x-1.x branch:

Make file

I took the initiative to cleanup the module list for the locationTech.

For example, we where using a module to compile less file on the server. This is the wrong way to do that. I instead created a grunt task in my theme to compile less file to css when we make a change to it. For more information about grunt, please refer to the documentation in my theme or on

I am also adding new modules. The changes are tracked on the ltdarkblue branch:

Here the full list of change:

  • Update drupal core to 7.26 from 7.21
  • Update to IWG feature module (see 3)
  • Update site_login module version to 7.x-1.0 instead of unstable branch.
  • Update admin_menu to 7.x-3.0-rc4
  • Update ctools to 7.x-1.3
  • update views module to 3.7
  • Removing the omega theme
  • Removing vivacity theme (The very first locationtech theme)
  • Removing geoblue theme (Current LocationTech theme).
  • removing the delta module
  • removing jcarousel module
  • removing scratchpad module
  • removing locationtech_site feature module
  • removing less module
  • removing omega_tools
  • removing lessphp lib
  • removing superfish lib
  • adding bootstrap 3.0 drupal theme (Parent of my custom ltboostrap theme).
  • adding jquery_update module (required for bootstrap)
  • adding display suite module
  • adding uuid_features module to help with deployment
  • adding my new custom ltbootstrap_extra module
  • adding views_slideshow module
  • adding my custom ltbootstrap theme.

My plan for Wednesday, 22nd January 2014:

  1. 9:00AM : Create backup of code and db
  1. 9:30AM : Take location tech down for Maintenance.
    1. Run update script to add all new modules
    2. run drush updatedb to apply database updates
    3. Manually disable modules that we plan on removing
    4. Uninstall modules to clean up the database.
    5. Run “rm -rf all” in sites/ to remove all themes/module/libs.
    6. Run update script again. After this step, only the required modules will be on prod.
    7. Revert all features
  1. 10:30AM: At this time the site should be functional and Andrew should be back from his meeting. It's now time to do some manual work to the site
    1. Add images to event nodes
    2. Update category field for each news item (News or community News)
    3. Update the html for the steering committee page (Copy and paste from staging)
    4. Update url path for the about us and charter page
    5. Cleanup bad html (embedded css) on event nodes (This could be done now on prod).
    6. Manually remove tabs on project node. The cmd “drush features-revert” wont do this for us.
  1. 11:30AM: Test with Andrew and Wayne.
  1. 12:00: Remove maintenance page and go to lunch!
  1. 12:00-13:00: Reserved for the unexpected.

Project Notes

  1. In the future, always publish my project plan on a public wiki instead of printed copies.
  2. We initially started working with Omega but we decided to switch to bootstrap to speed up development.

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