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Linux Tools Project/News/NewIn70


All features have switched over to EPL 2.0 license.

Docker Tooling

Dockerfile Build

Dockerfile building has been extended to allow building of files with .dockerfile extensions. The editor already supported such files, but using the context menu: Run as... did not. In addition, the Build Image configuration page has been enhanced to show the name of the Dockerfile set up for the configuration.

CDT Build in Container

Changes have been made to the Docker Tooling launch code to allow CDT Build in Container support (building C/C++ projects in a Docker Container) to work for the new CDT Project model. In addition, Docker Container runs now show up properly in the Debug view as processes that can be terminated.

As well, the Container launch performance of copying headers to the host has been enhanced to allow parallel copying and recognition of fellow jobs that are already under way.

JDT Run/Debug in Container

The support for running Java applications in a Container has been moved to it's own separate feature. This prevents JDT dependency for applications that just want to use Docker Tooling.


The level of docker-client has been upgraded and includes a number of fixes.

Bugs Fixed in this Release

See Bugzilla report Bugs Fixed in Linux Tools 7.0

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